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Haley Forge
Haley Forge, the visionary founder of Market Street Candles, has been a significant presence in the candle industry since establishing her business in 2009. Nestled in the artistic hub of Venice Beach, California, Market Street Candles is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design, and commitment to quality.

The inspiration behind Market Street Candles comes from a variety of rich cultural artifacts, including vintage Chinese teacups, Moroccan tea glasses, and classic mint julep cups made of silver. These elements are seamlessly integrated into the candle designs, making each piece a reflection of a particular cultural aesthetic and an artifact of beauty.

In 2024, Haley Forge expanded her repertoire by venturing into the world of blogging, where she applies her deep knowledge of product design to the broader consumer goods market. Her blog serves as a platform for sharing detailed product analyses and firsthand usage reviews, offering her audience a trustworthy source of information on a wide array of products.

Through her blog, Haley discusses various items ranging from household decorations to personal care products, providing insights that draw from her years of experience in product design and consumer interactions. Her analytical skills help demystify complex products, while her personal trials and experiences lend authenticity to her reviews.
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